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Property Blockchain Trade

PBT is the most reliable and transparent cryptocurrency ever.

PBT is committed to maintain the real estate value that guarantees the PBT emission, without prejudice of the real estate market oscillations.

PBT is a piece of information, decentralized and electronically stored, accessible to whoever has got the private key to read it. The end user is the only responsible to use the information in a legal way.


How work PBT

Introducing PBT, a platform that aims to revolutionize the real estate business with the aid of blockchain technology. Everybody, regardless of their financial possibilities, should have a place in the real estate world and enjoy its benefits. PBT uses the blockchain technology to ensure improvements in the real estate industry.

Imagine a world where people can participate on real estate purchases with no need for lawyers or authorities to be registered but at the same keeping a universally recognized right on the purchase. Imagine a scenario where huge real estate projects can be owned by everybody and not just sophisticated and inaccessible groups. Consider a scenario where ordinary people can make money from real estate with a small initial investment.

Additionally, you will be able to use PBTs for vacations and stays, either short or long term, on the apartments in the network around the world and other services.



PBT aims to bridge the gap between real estate investment and cryptocurrencies: buying PBTs you will be effectively storing your money in a cryptocurrency which will be backed by real estate assets around the world, thus effectively minimizing risks usually associated with alt‐coins.

The smart contract will be ERC20 compatible, allowing it to benefit from the Ethereum blockchain (and diffusion).

  • Coin: PBT (PBTs)

  • Company name: Blockchainproject LTD

  • Initial reserve: 10 billion PBTs, of which 10% is reserved to founders and advisors

  • Investment starts from 1 USDT. Investment is guaranteed 100%

  • Ethereum based smart contract which stores all transactions

  • Buy and sell on most exchanges

  • Pay for rent in our top apartments by PBTs and other services

  • Get a share of profits automatically as new PBTs

  • Plus, profit on coin appreciation!

  • Coin issuance backed by real estate assets in the top locations in the world (Italy, London, Switzerland, New York, etc.)

  • New token sales are guaranteed to increase the average coin value


Key Features

Effective Service

PBT is effective and minimizes time wastage. This is because the platform is created in a very fast and efficient blockchain network. You will only be charged little or no amount thereby making you deploy a payment service of your own.

Immediate Payment

This is another unique feature that is associated with PBT. Transfers are regulated automatically by Smart Contracts which are electronic rules, published on the blockchain, that are executed automatically and that nobody can tamper.

Peer to Peer Payment services

Peer to Peer payment service seems to be the most popular and updated form of payment. Other payment services are also trying to create this type of payment. PBT is Peer to Peer