PBT itself a Blockchain Property Trade token , based on ERC 20 Algorithm . Its revolutionary blockchain in property which gains around 20% of ROI to the investor. PBT allows everyone to take a profit from the cryptocurrency appreciation together with real estate income.

As PBT have successfully reached the milestone of 20% of ROI on investment , Many Investors are shaking hands with this revolutionary property blockchain . So Blockchain company limited buys old property , Renovate it and Put on Sell or Rent . With this method , company getting huge recurring profits . All this profits are going to be shared in terms of Tokens to the joined investors.

PBT is ERC 20 Based Smart Contract . smart contracts will hold all cryptocoins transactions, and they will be traded on the most important exchangers. PBT tokens are built on the ERC‐20 standard,which allows for simple integration into users‘ wallets.

PBT offers the benefits of owning or trading a property . With the aid of our project, we will pay you profits in USDT when we’ll resell or rent properties. When we sell a property, we will share the profit with you in USDT. PBT project provides ROI of 20% .

ERC 20 Based PBT Tokens are generated at the time of blockchain generation. Maximum DIstribution of tokens for investors is 1000.000.000 PBT . Other tokens are going to distributed in terms of profits sharing and Marketing of the project .

Maximum 20 investors are going to get the benefits of growing value of PBT .

PBT launching price is considering as a 1 PBT = 1 USDT.

Investor can buy PBT tokens with various other crypto currencies like BTC , ETH , USDT and many more . as well as can also do the same thing via Fiat currencies like USD , EURO . All the options are already available in our Secured and Most trusted platforms .

If investor want to make withdraw than they can inside our portal . They can sell PBT and get USDT . Later he can change USDT to fiat and get withdrawal in his own bank .

As this project gonna be have million dollars of investment in near future , we have set up very strong back end developer team who watch every security aspects . We are going to be improve in terms of Technical stack step by step . Dont worry ! Your Purchased tokens are going to be stored in world’s safest wallet .

Once , You register and login into system . You can able to buy PBT using any other currency. Your tokens will be securely kept in this wallet. You can change password later or use the encryption with two factor authentication for making your wallet secure.

Yes , you can withdraw PBT in any Fiat or Crypto Currency.

You can purchase PBT using USDT , btc , eth , ltc , doge and many more crypto currencies .