Average of ROI 20% on investment in real estate

Growing of value of PBT linked to real estate profits

Capitals raised and profits can be refunded after 6 Months

100% investment is guaranteed from USDT

Investors become shareholders of Laken Group LTD


Investors are going to be benefited with Growing Value Of PBT and with profits from real estate investments. Double advantage

Hurry Up to Grab Opportunity.


Capitals Raised And Profits Can Be Refunded

Funds can be refunded after 6 months

100% of investment is guaranteed from USDT


Investments of Blockchain Property Trade

Transfer of Compromise

Real estate Auction

Balance and write-off of real estate debts

Blockchain Property Trade invests only in real estate of don't wanters owners (heirs, divorced, etc)

Blockchain Property Trade buys only real estate with 30% less than real market value


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The Founder

Giuseppe Guccione

General Manager

We are SMART

Common Sense Solutions for all aspects of Commercial Property, Development land.

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Blockchain Property Trade achieves maximum profits with a real estate strategy that involves the purchase of old houses that will be refurbished through our in-house team of home stagers and resold in 6 months.This way we can deliver an average of 20% ROI on PBT investment.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to protect his or her own assets in a simple, safe and confidential way while still having a profit out of it.

We combine cryptocurrencies with the most precious asset: the house that can be used whenever you want, in the most beautiful cities in the world.